Ranchito Milkyway

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Join us for the Winter season! On-going enrollment is open! Each week you’ll receive a veggie box full of greens, roots, herbs, and other seasonal veggies alongside locally gleaned fruits like citrus, plantains, mulberries and more. Fresh and crispy, spicy and sweet, Ranchito Milkyway veggies will transform your dinner table and nourish your body and soul. Click the link above to buy your share now!

Not convinced yet?

Understood, vegetables are a sensitive topic. You’re probably hesitating with questions like, what if I get sick of eating really delicious vegetables? Why would I commit to one farm when I can just go to a store? Here is our answer to your hesitations:

This isn’t just a subscription veggie box and what we offer isn’t for everyone. Both farmers are committed to growing healthy, flavorful vegetables and providing a space where you can actually connect to your food, the farmer, and the cycle of life. We want to get to know you, what you’re cooking, and hear about random things you’re thinking about when you pick up. We want to throw in a sprig of mint when you’ve got a cold (or have mojito plans!), or gather some aloe for you when couldn’t pick up on time because you were at the beach. The Ranchito was started in June 2021, and we are still building our program and finding what works best for us and our customers.

Starting the veggie box subscription can be intimidating, but it is an important step towards a healthier life style and supporting local farmers and a stronger local food system. With your upfront support, we can purchase materials and plan an awesome season with confidence. Thank you!

“I strongly feel how much positive impact getting fresh vegetables had on my personal well-being. To be “forced” to cook fresh and to discover so many new veggies and fruit that I have never seen before has been an amazing experience. It has not only improved my diet and mental state, but also brought back that creative element of my personality to the surface – and I’m excited to explore and (re)discover that part of myself over the next months.”

-Michael, 2021 CSA member

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