What To Expect

Always in the back of your mind… Is your farmer an alien?

We want to provide you the best experience possible. To us, that means we need to get to know you, show you around the farm, and see you all the time!

The ins and outs of your veggie box subscription

A box of farm fresh produce grown at Ranchito Milkyway

Seasonal gleaned fruits from the trees of San Diego

All veggies are grown organically with locally crafted compost, filtered water, and true love

Tune into the seasons as you receive the bounty of the bumper crops

Every week

Weekly Sunday pick up at your designated location and time slot (farm- 7275 San Miguel Rd or Clairemont pick up)

A weekly newsletter informing you on what is to come in your veggie box

Two Vacation Weeks…

That’s right you can skip a week and receive a box credit to use later (just give us 1 week notice)

Can’t pick up your box short notice? We will try to donate your box!


  • Q: What kind of veggies will I get?
    • A: We will try to stock you with basics (cilantro, green onions, radishes, carrots, greens) along side seasonal produce (kale, sweet peas, broccoli, chard, beets) and we will always try to through in something fun!
  • Q: What if I miss a share?
    • A: Let us know a week ahead of time and we will give your account a credit to use later
  • Q: Do you have smaller boxes?
    • A: We are trying that out this season, you can sign up for a half box weekly or a biweekly full box.
  • Q: Do you grown organically?
    • A: Oh, DO WE! Yes we do- we aren’t certified but all of our practices are totally organic to support soil health creating a healthier product.
  • Q: How do you set your prices?
    • A: Are you saying our veggies are pricey? Okay we noticed too… but the real truth is that we are just trying to produce the highest quality vegetables possible and pay ourselves (and let’s ask the question… why do we consider farm labor unskilled labor and pay farmers minimum wage? Lord knows these skills have taken us years to acquire)


What does CSA stand for again?

-most people

CSA Stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”

This is a model for a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the community members to share the risk and benefits of producing local, healthy food. CSA members pay upfront (or commit to monthly payments) that allows the farmer to make purchases for the upcoming season. If there is crop failure or abundance, the impacts are shared among the members and the farmers. CSA not only is a model of food production but a community builder. We hope with this model we can get to know you, your family, and hear about your journey too.

More than the incredible food, it was visiting the farm weekly that changed my life.

Bunny Rabbit

Start your subscription today.

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